Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Searching for Family Roots - Chawe FLAMM nee WOLFSTHAL - Born in Husiatyn, Buried in Frankfurt #galicia

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Colleagues,

I am researching family roots, specifically focusing on Chawe FLAMM
nee WOLFSTHAL who was born in Husiatyn, Galicia (August 16, 1867),
moved to Germany at some point, and was buried in Frankfurt (March 11,

My specific challenge is in obtaining the names of Chawe's *mother*
and *father*. This info is key for my research. Chawe's birth in Husiatyn
is well documented in her death and late-marriage records, and in family
letters. But I could not find Chawe's birth record in JRI or Gesher Galicia.

Chawe was married to Jacob FLAMM. I have her marriage and death
records, but the parent names are not written in either of those.

In the diary of her late grandson, he mentions her grave in
Frankfurt's "Old Jewish Cemetery", "located about a mile >from the new
Cemetery that was opened in early 30s".

I would like to ask this group for help. Specifically,

(1) Any idea if and where I can find specific information about
Chawe's parents (Galicia)?

(2) Any idea if and how I can find this specific old Jewish cemetery
in Frankfurt, and the specific tombstone? Or a contact point?

Thank you,

Prof. Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel

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