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David Ellis

Has anybody heard of the town of Lefchitza in the Austrian empire?

My great-grandfather David Leib HAUSMAN (1866-1945) was said to have
come >from the town of Stryy. He moved to Rozdol when he married Gittel
Alta MESSER, who was >from Rozdol. He emigrated to the US in 1901, while
Gittel emigrated with three children in 1904.

Between JRI-Poland and the All Galicia Database, I could find no records for
him before the births of his children in Rozdol. My grandmother's 1892 birth
record showed his name as Dawid HAUSNER, but the 1901 birth record for
her younger brother showed his surname as HAUSMAN.

David's parents were Hersh HAUSMAN and Chana Rochel WAGSCHAL.
I found records for his mother in Rozdol, but I could not find any records for
his father.

David's 1917 declaration and 1920 naturalization petition both show he was
born in Lefchitza, Austria. Yet the JewishGen Town Finder does not seem to
recognize this town. The closest matches I could find there are the towns of
Livosice in Bohemia and Leczyca (Linchits) in Poland, and neither seems a
good fit. The JewishGen Gazetteer shows a place called Luvchitse, in the
general area of Stryy but not appearing on their map. Google Maps shows
the town as Livchytsi, located between Stryy and Khodoriv, near Hnizdychiv.
This appears to be the right town, but it doesn't seem to have had a Jewish
community in the 1800s.

If you have any information about this town, please contact me. Thanks for
your help!

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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