Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Was Interrupted Travel to the US from Poland Common? #galicia

Stephen Schmideg <stephen@...>

It was fairly common for people to travel to the US in two stages, with
a stopover in England. There were also many cases where people
were victims of fraud and their tickets only took them as far as
England. Some people got off the boat in England and decided not to
continue their journey to the US for various reasons.

It was also fairly common for people to return home after arriving in
England or the US. In my own family I have a photo of my paternal
grandmother Julianna Braunstein and a sister taken in Philadelphia. I
don't know what happened to her sister and I don't have a record of
my grandmother coming to or leaving the US, but she was back in
Hungary marrying my grandfather in 1906.

Stephen Schmideg

Melbourne, Australia

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