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Mark Halpern

Dear Zev:

All Galician researchers should be searching both the All Galicia
Database (AGD) brought to you by Gesher Galicia and the JRI-Poland
database The JRI-Poland
database includes over one million Galician records that are mostly
not duplicated on the AGD.

Wolkowce Jewish vital events were registered in nearby Borszczow. If
you search the JRI-Poland database for town = Wolkowce, the results
will return about 400 matches. If you search for KOHN and town of
Wolkowce, there are 86 matches. The JRI-Poland database includes
the following records for Borszczow: 1872-1898, 1901-1912 B;
1846/1864, 1866-1929 M; 1877-1910 D. The 1914 B records are at the
Warsaw civil records office (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) and become
available to the public once transferred to the AGAD Archive. They are
likely to be transferred in 2020 or 2021.

Wishing you success in your search.

Mark Halpern
Gesher Galicia Advisory Board
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

On 2019-05-30 12:31, Zev Cohen <> wrote:

My father was born in the village of Wolkowce, near the town of
Borszczow in the Tarnopol region, in May 1914. In Yiddish it was called
Wolkowitz and at the time it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
After WWI it reverted to Poland and after WWII 'landed' in the

I have found no records pertaining to the village and to the few Jewish
families who lived there.

I would appreciate any information relating to the village. Does anyone
know where birth certificates and/or other official documentation for
this location might be found?

Zev Cohen

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