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Jean-Pierre Stroweis


The online Memorial of the Deportation of the Jews >from France at was recently updated with additional
details and links to other online resources. Among them:

- A list of 550 men considered as "half Jews" or "spouse of Aryan women"
deported to the Anglo-Normand island of Alderney (Aurigny in French)
near Cherbourg have been added to the Memorial. Although their fate was
much different >from those deported to the East, they were also deported
as part of the persecution against the Jews, so their place is in the
Memorial too.

- All the survivors in 1945 - around 4,000 persons - are now indicated,
thanks to the research and recent books by Alexandre Doulut, Serge
Klarsfeld and Sandrine Labeau.

- Many links to civil records, biographies and to other memorials online
were added. This allows to identify the places of birth of many persons.

Most of the deportees were born in Poland (22,800), France (19,450),
Germany (9,000) and Ukraine (4,500) according to 2019 borders.
Sephardim and Oriental Jews born in Greece and Muslim countries
amount to 5,470, and, together with those born in France and other
European countries, their number is likely to reach 7,000, i.e. around 10%
of this entire population. Distribution tables of the deportees' origin, per
country or per country and region are now available at .

For more details, look at the introduction text at
or at the article published by Avotaynu, Spring 2019 issue.

Jean-Pierre Stroweis
Jerusalem, Israel

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