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I have posted this in the past with some results, and now, hoping to
reach a new audience, post again.

Meier Weissberg (Vaysberg or Vaisberg), b 24 Oct 1856 in
Bohorodczany, died 17 Sep 1930 in Stanislawow. He was a noted
Judaic scholar and professor in a high school in Stanislawow. Anna
(nee Chane Sara Gold), died 14 Apr 1936. She was Meier's wife.
Their children were:
-Jozef Karol Weissberg (later changed his name to Bialogorski), born
1887. Lived in L'viv.
-Frydryka Weissberg Aleksandrowicz born 1892 in Stanislawow. Her
children were Lidja, b 1915; Irena and Norbert (twins), b 1917 in Vienna.
-Klara Weissberg Lachs, born 1893 in Stanislawow; lived in Krakow.
-Wilhelm Weissberg, born 1897 Stanislawow.

Norbert Aleksandrowicz was the only member of the family to survive
and lived out his life in Poland, after being re-settled there. He never
married and died of natural causes at age 90 in Klodzko, Poland.

I continue to search for information about this family. Meir Weissberg
is my great-great Uncle, on my father's mother's side. My father's
mother was a Weissberg.

Norbert Aleksandrowicz is my second cousin, once removed.

Thank you,

Michael Diamant
Koloa, Hawaii
Research Weissberg, Aleksandrowicz

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