Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Kolbuszowa Region Research Group Meeting at IAJGS conference #galicia

Barbara Ellman

If your family comes >from any of the towns within a 30-mile radius of
Kolbuszowa, please join us at our annual group meeting at the IAJGS
conference in Cleveland. We are meeting on Thursday, August 1, at
3:15 pm in the Center Street C room.

Kolbuszowa Region Research Group includes all shtetlach in the
following former Galician Administrative Districts: Kolbuszowa -
Lancut - Mielec - Nisko - Pilzno - Ropczyce - Rzeszow - Strzyzow -

Some of the larger towns included in this region: Blazowa, Debica,
Glogow Mlp., Grodzisko, Kanczuga, Lezajsk, Majdan, Nisko, Pilzno,
Przeworsk, Ropczyce, Radomysl Wielki, Rozwadow, Rudnik,
Sedziszow, Sokolow Mlp., Tyczyn, Ulanow, Wielopole and Zolynia

Barbara Ellman

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