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Alexander Sharon

Ervin Spinner wrote:

I would like to write something about Kudrynce. If anybody has
information, stories or photos, I would be very grateful.



It appears that the geographical coordinates for Galician Kudrynce are
incorrectly displayed by the JewishGen and Gesher Galicia websites.

Currently shown coordinates for Kudrynce at 4923/2646 (or
49.38/26.76) are for the another place by the same name located within
the Khmelnitsky (ex Proskurov) region of Podolia.

Correct coordinates for Galicia's Kudrynce are 4837/2617.

The place is located on ex national border's Zbruch River, close (about
5 miles distance) to town Mielnica (currently Melnitsa Podilska), which
was known as one of the judicial district (Gerichtsbezirk) of the
Borszczow administration region and town Ustye (ex Uscie Biskupie).

Kudrynce Jewish population (1921 census) was indeed small (3% of the
total population of 1,693 folks), and it appears that participation of Jews
and others in the town's economic activities was rather minimal. Only
the name of S. Weinreb, owner of the local mill, is identified. Refer to
the Kudrynce entry in the Poland 1921 Business Directory at:

On the other hand, Kudrynce's pre-WWI Jewish population (1900
census) was large: 598 Jewish souls out of 2,480 total population
number or 24% of all town folks. In addition there is information on 60
Jewish souls (out of total population of 109 people), located within
Kudrynce folwarks (agricultural properties).

Very little information is available on Polish or Ukrainian sites about
the history of Kudrynce: Ukrainian site shows old Kudrynce castle
destroyed by Chmielnicki kozaks. There are over 2,000 entries available,
mostly located within Mielnica and there are 74 Jewish and Ukrainians
entries for Kudrynce in the Ellis Island database.

Hope this helps.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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