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Joseph Lonstein


I would like to find copies of the birth records for a number of
children born between 1902-1911 in Sieniawa. There were five
children in that span born to my great-great-aunt Marim SCHYRAK
/ SCHYROK (and similar spellings; daughter of Solomon SCHYRAK
and Reisl SCHIPPER) and her husband Moses Wolf SPERBER (son
of Leib SPERBER and Laya LAUFER). I can only find scans of birth
records >from before 1901 on the website.
Births >from later years are on microfilm only. This question may
have been asked here before, but is it possible to request that the
archives send copies of original records? Even though there's an
English button on the archive's webpage, it doesn't seem translate
enough of the subpages for me to see if that's possible.

In addition, I'm still searching for anything related to my particular
branch of the SPERBER family >from Sieniawa. The children of
Marim and Moses Wolf born in Sieniawa who seemed to survive
early childhood (they're not in the death records) who I cannot find
anything about after many months of searching are Biele (b. 1902),
Lea (1909), and Zelig (1911) SPERBER. I found that their oldest
sibling Lieb SPERBER (1900) was deported >from Vienna and
murdered in 1942. IKG Wein said they have no records related to
the other three siblings, and I can't find anything obvious that could
be about them on, so these three may not have also
ended up in Vienna. Even if I could know their exact birth dates
from the Sieniawa records, it would be more helpful than just the
birth years I currently have.

Thanks for any help,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

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