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Andrea Dechter

I've just found a new cousin through Ancestry. Her mother Clara Frost
was born and placed for adoption at the charity hospital on Blackwell's
Island in NYC in 1907. Per Clara's birth certificate, her parents were
Fannie Frost and Samuel. Clara was adopted and raised in Minnesota.

My grandmother's maiden name was Pauline Frost (Pesha Chaja) and
she did have an older sister Fannie. Fannie married Samuel Cohen and
they had a son Leon who was my dad's 1st cousin. Leon was an only

I haven't been able to find this Cohen family in any NYC census. I've
been told that they lived in the lower east side.

The Frost family immigrated >from Kolomea although I haven't been
able to locate these records. Fannie was in NY by/before 1907.
Pauline arrived circa 1911 along with her step-mother Babsha. Pauline
must have first lived in San Francisco (where she married my GF, Zelig
Feuerman (Sigmund Fireman). They moved to NYC as my dad was
born there in 1916.

I am looking for any information about Pauline and/or Fannie i.e.
immigration, info that will link them as sisters, and anything that may
shed more light on Clara's adoption/confirmation of parentage.

Thank you very much in advance.

Andrea Dechter
Coral Springs, FL

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