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Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of new records to
our open-access database:

This communication refers to the Jewish Medical Students Project,
which brings records and biographical information on Galician students
who attended several universities in Austria-Hungary and in the
successor states (post 1918). New records added to the AGD include
the following:

-- Lwow University (1919-1939) >from the State Archive of Lviv Oblast
(DALO, Fond 26/section 15; Ukraine)

-- Prague University: German and Czech universities (1882-1939) from
the Charles University Archive (the Czech Republic).

In total about 3,500 records of Jewish medical students and midwives
have been indexed to date. Earlier uploads included records >from the
following universities:

-- Jagiellonian University (1802-1918)
-- Lwow University (1894-1918)
-- Pest University (1770-1921)

In addition to the Gesher Galicia database (free access), members of
Gesher Galicia can examine the expanded information on Jewish
students (regarding parents and their occupations, places of medical
practice, Holocaust-related, etc.) after login via the Members Portal: in the Archival Records.

We welcome receiving additional biographical details and the records
on Jewish medical students found in our database. To that end, please
contact us at: info@....

In 2020 we plan to add additional indexes >from Jagiellonian University
(1919-1939), with the records >from other universities to follow.
To learn more about this research project, please follow the link:

Andrew Zalewski

Jewish Medical Students Project Coordinator

Send all inquiries to info@...

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