Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Naming of first-born after grandfather's death #galicia

Diane Jackson <dij1218@...>

I agree with Debbie Wiener's assessment that this naming practice was
common among Ashkenazi Jews. But it's more difficult to make the
connection for the converse. My mother has three first cousins who were
all named for the same person (their grandmother). One would need
some additional details to determine the names of their parents, each
a different sibling. So David Scriven's gggf may have been named
Abraham Isak Pomeranz, but it may not have been the one whose record
he found.

Diane Jackson
New Hampshire

Debbie Wiener <dwiener@...> wrote:

Regarding David Scriven's post, I would say that in my experience
throughout Galicia (and probably the Ashkenazi world) the naming of
children after deceased ancestors was universally prevalent. It also
meant that there may have been siblings and children with the same
first name, if they were named after an earlier ancestor. So whilst it is
tricky for genealogists, it also points you in the right direction.

Whether the converse is true, I cannot say.

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