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Vered Dayan

Following Logan Kleinwaks's message >from yesterday, I took his advice and
searched the Judaica catalog of the Jagiellonian University: Relying on Google's translation,
my search for Sokal records yielded many intriguing results >from the late
18th century: >from census records to tidbits like "Files of the Szloma
Krakawski trial for the theft of silver synagogue plaques and cauldron from
the Sokal brewery". The question of the Surnames still stands, as I've
noticed that most Jewish surames are different >from those we know >from
the 19th century. Most earlier surnames bear the Russian suffix "icz" that I
think indicates "son of" (Mendelowicz - son of Mendel etc.), so I'm not sure
it's always possible to make connections to valid information. I will try to
find out how to order copies of some of the more interesting results (the
email I sent through their "contact" box just bounced back) and will share.

Vered Dayan

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