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Stefano Groszy wrote:
Dear Margarita, as I promised to you, I started to find out any name I
could find bound together with the town of Beregsas. I have to make a
correction: the names in my book are 3906. After that I can tell you in
the first 600 names I checked town of Beregsas never shows up.
In the mean time I give you some details concerning this book, in the
hope that anybody reading these lines can give some more info about it.
Title: TE VAGY A TANU!(ukrajnat=F2l auschwitzig), published by Kossuth =
in 1947. Unfortunately I don't speak hungarian and before the 3900 name=
there are 210 text pages. In the next days I'll finish the Beregsas
check. Ciao, Steven.
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Perhaps I did not get the message that explained what this book is.
However, since it has so many names, I would like to know what it is all
about, how it is organized, and what the names relate to. Is it a yizkor
book of some sort????

Thanks, Debbi

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