Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Book TE VAGY A TANU! #hungary

Thomas C. Fodor <tcfodor@...>

AJANLJUK - e koenyvet a szabads=E0gszeretoe oroszdolgoz=F2knak, akik kint
Ukrajn=E0ban =E9s Oroszorsz=E0gban j=F2 sz=F2t =E9s kenyeret adtak a
munkaszolg=E0latos bajt=E0rsainknak =E9s elkueldt=E9k hoes fiaikat Horthy
Magyarorsz=E0g=E0ba, hogy v=E9ruek =E0ldoz=E0s=E0val felszabad=ECts=E0k a=
magyar n=E9pet a
fasizmus rabs=E0g=E0b=F2l.
Koeszoenoem =E9s szervusz, ciao Steven.

this book to the freedom-loving Russian workers, who gave kind words and
bread to our forced laborer comrades in Ukraine and Russia, and sent thei=
heroic sons into Horthy's Hungary to liberate the Hungarian people >from t=
slavery of fascism with the sacrifice of their blood.


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