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Louis Schonfeld <lmagyar@...>

For those of you who ordered the Jews of Hungary by Raphael Patai: The
publisher has informed me that the first printing (1,000 copies) has been
sold out. The second printing which they tell me will be identical to the
first should be available in several weeks. However, the new list price has
gone up >from $39.95 to $49.95 (who says inflation is under control?). Faced
with this fact my price will have to be adjusted too. The new price for the
Patai book is therefore $38.00 instead of the $33.00 orginally quoted. This
price includes mailing costs for venues in North America. Additional
shipping charges for other venues will be based upon actual cost. Please
reconfirm your order for the Jews of Hungary as no one should feel obligated
to buy the book at the higher price.

Also a final call for those ordering Bridging Three Worlds by Robert Perlman
and Journey to Vaja by Elizabeth Naves.
I will call in the order on Monday August31st (around 11AM EST).

The following people have placed orders for Bridging 3 Worlds (only first
name and first two initials of last name are shown [I'm very discreet]): 1.
Bob Fr. 2.Corwin Go. (paid) 3.Ann Pr. 4. Adele Be.

Journey to Vaja: 1. Earon Da. (paid) 2. Nancy Fi.

I am sorry to inconvenience you all about this, however, this is also an
opportunity to purchase these difficult to locate books at discounted prices
(offer expires Monday, August 31st 11AM)

Please remit payment to JDCO / POB 34152 / Cleveland, OH 44134.
The prices for Bridging 3 Worlds and Journey to Vaja remain the same at
$32.00 and $18.00, respectively.

Louis Schonfeld

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