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Dear Thomas and other interested parties:

First, please note that the town is Fekete Ardo and not Fekete Erdo. Yes, it
is true that the literal meaning of Fekete Erdo means Black Forest and
perhaps the words Ardo and Erdo are interchangeable (I'll leave the answer
to that question for a native Hungarian speaker). However, you are very much
off the mark in your response. Fekete Ardo is in Subcarpathian Ruthenia,
today a part of the Ukraine. This village is less than ten miles north of
the Romanian border. It is called Csornotisziv in the Ukraine. I along with
seven fellow genealogists visited there not less than a month ago. There is
also a town in Romania which is now called Padurea Neagra, and which at one
time (when under Hungarian rule)was called Feketeerdo.


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Fekete Erdo

The reason you have found nothing is this is The Black Forest (aka
Schwartzwald) which has never been in Hungary, but is in Bavaria (i.e.

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