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Gabriela P. Svatos <gsvatos@...>

Now back >from holidays, I am able to still do some specific lookups in
the three volume lists. Each entry lists the name, address, date of
death and the death record number.

With the above info. you can write to:

Panstowowe Muzeum Oswiecim Brzezinka
32-603 Oswiecim 5

You have to give them the reason for your requesting the death record.
Within a month they sent a response. Included in the info. were the
occupation, parents' names (mother's maiden name), spouse's name (wife's
maiden name), last address before deportation, and many other details.

The lists are not all inclusive. After mid 1943 especially, the records are
almost non existent in the volumes.

Gabi Svatos

P.S. Sorry if you tried to e-mail me earlier and your messages bounced.
My mailbox was overfilling as the nearest internet access was about 20 km
away and I was not able to get there very often. Please re-send your
requests if you did not receive an answer.

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