Issue #140 of Genealo-J has just been published #france

Georges Graner

Genealo-J, publication of the Jewish Genealogical Society of France,
Issue 140, December 2019 has just been published

Anne-Marie Fribourg noted that a large number of Jews left Lorraine
around 1850 and especially >from the city of Hellimer to go to Brazil.
Most of them were jewelers. Some settled in Brazil but most of them went
back to France later. They founded prosperous companies with a branch in
Brazil and another one in France. Among the families quoted by the
authors, one finds those of Mayer Cain dit Lambert, of Alexandre Abraham
Gerson, of Gerson Gerson, of Louis Ongre, of Simon Levy, of Edouard
Daniel, and of Samuel Lion. Detailed family trees are given for each of
these families.

Paul Misraki (1908-1998) was a very famous French composer just before
and just after World War II. Several of the songs he composed for the
band of Ray Ventura are still very popular in France nowadays. Geneviève
Haroche-Bouzinac tells us Misraki’s life. Paul Misrachi (the original
spelling of his name) belongs to a wealthy family of Salonika but his
parents moved to Constantinople before his birth. In 1910, his father
was promoted to a position in Bucarest (Romania) where the whole family
settled. When Romania entered the war, life in Bucarest became dangerous
and they left the city in 1916. They made a very long travel by train
through Romania, Russia (Saint-Petersburg), Finland, Sweden, followed by
a boat trip to England and to Marseilles. Paul studies in Marseilles but
is much more interested by music than by the insurance company suggested
by his father. He begins to compose songs and in 1929 joins the band of
Ray Ventura, first as the pianist and later as the official composer of
the band. The band is more and more popular and makes many tours all
over Europe and North Africa. In May 1941, the German authorities banned
Ray Ventura and Paul Misraki, although Paul converted to catholicism in
1938. Ray Ventura was lucky enough to obtain visas for Brazil for his
whole group. Later, in 1945, Paul is retained by Hollywood where he
works with Marlene Dietrich, Jean-Pierre Aumont, and Maria Montez. He
then comes back to France where his whole family has been killed by the
Nazis. Ray Ventura's band is dissolved in 1947. Thereafter, Paul becomes
essentially a movie film composer for many famous producers.

L'Alliance Israelite Universelle (AIU) was founded in 1860 to teach in
the French language the Jews of several countries in the Ottoman Empire,
Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco. AIU has today an huge amount of
archives. A group of members of our Society has begun to analyze these
archives in order to help AIU and also to extract interesting
genealogical pieces of information. Philippe Danan presents what is done
concerning Morocco where AIU was implemented as early as 1862. In 1914,
28 schools were present in 13 cities of this country which concerned
more than 3000 boys and 2000 girls. .The available documents are
extremely heterogeneous: letters of directors or professors of schools
addressed to the Parisian office of AIU, lists of pupils and
apprentices,notables, people financially helped, members of AIU, adults
attending evening lessons as well as descriptions of rites or
traditions. Our group insists on collecting all names, whatever their
origin. The task is huge and will take several years.

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