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Vivian Kahn

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Subject: Tot Kajna/Sloveska Kajna
From: "Marc B. Weiss" <marcplot@...>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 13:32:44 -0400
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Can any one help me determine, for the Tot Kajna in old Hungary, Zemplen,=

now Sloveska Kajna in Slovakia:

1) What rolls of LDS film contain the recods for the 1848 Census, the 186=
Census,, vital records of any period.

2) What office in Slovakia would now house vital records covering 19th
century, 20th century.

Marc Weiss

The entry in the LDS catalog for the 1848 Census does not include Zemplen.
The LDS did film the 1869 Census >from Toth Kajnya (Slovenska Kajna). This
info is on Film #0720012. 19th Century vital records would probably be in
the Presov archive. Address is

Statny oblastny archiv v Presove
088 06 Presov-Nizna Sebastova
Slanska ul. c. 33
Slovak Republic

vivian Kahn

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