Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: h-sig digest: September 08, 1998 #hungary


Dear colleagues,
I must share a most poignant discovery. Last night I was able to integrate my
data and find the confirming piece of information via an Alta Vista search
that a Mimi Grossberg, whom I'd been seeking >from Vienna, was found. Sadly, I
learned that this notable woman died June of '97 at the age of 92. >from what I
have read about her she was extraordinary. I was always under the impression
that she was dead, her old address was in my gm's book. I will never know why
contact with my gm was not sustained (they were cousins) but wonder if it
might have been related to the attitudinal conflict between Viennese and
Hungarian Jews. Unfortunately I 'discovered 'her late to meet with her and
learn a great deal.
If anyone out there knows anything about her or her family I would appreciate
hearing >from you privately. She was an awarding winning author who was deeply
involved in the Austrian literary community and anti-facism movement. She came
to the US in 1938, according to on line reports, and lived in NYC.
Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

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