OPPENHEIMER Family Research/ OPPENHEIMER Family Reunion #germany


Hello everyone! I am joining the group right now, which is about the same
time I began the pursuit of genealogy and also my attempt to uncrack some
family mysteries. Thank you for your warm support! First and foremost I am
trying to locate info about Walter OPPENHEIMER, my grandfather, who (as far
as I know and all of this info is uncertain) relocated to New York, later
Philadelphia in January 1937 aboard the SS Manhattan >from Hamburg. He was
from Frankfurt/Heidelberg. I know his birth/death dates. Sponsoring him in
the US was his uncle Max DREYFUSS >from Brewster, New York. Walter's parents
(father I believe named Moritz, mother unknown) later shipped (possibly
from Dachau) to extermination camps. If anyone has info about these folks,
please respond!

I am planning to attend the OPPENHEIMER family reunion in Oppenheim,
Germany Sep 19-22 2002. Anyone else going or went to the last one?

Thank you all,

Jesse Oppenheimer
Los Angeles, California

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