Hungary SIG #Hungary Gemzse and Mandok + H-SIG missing digests #hungary

Stefano Groszy <steven@...>

Re.: Gemzse and Mandok
Hi Peter, do you mind to tell me if Gemzse is in the vicinity of Mandok?
I'm also asking if any of the H-SIGGERS had any relative or friend in
Mandok. I realized >from Gabor Hirsch - who is really a mine of infos and
documents! - that in April 1944 there were in that small town 373 Jews;
and I know for sure that some of them survived the holocaust: I would be
very grateful to anybody pointing to me any information about the
Mandok's jewish community, now or in the past.

Re.: H-SIG missing messages
Due to malfunction of my email I didn't receive H-SIG digests of 2-3-4
September: is that possible to have them? Thanks!

Best regards and ciao, Steven Grosz - Milano.

Moderater: If someone still has the digest for those days on their e-mail program all one needs to do is forward the entire digest "message" to Steven at steven@... It's the not the same as traveling to Italy, but its something.

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