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Following both of my messages posted in January 3 and January 16, 2002
looking for ancestors and descendants of my gggrandfather Emmanuel
GOLDSCHMIDT I found out some information that I would like to share
with you. At Kirberg´s Parrish Records - showing the marriages celebrated
during 1843 -
Emmanuel GOLDSCHMIDT´s parents appear as Wolf MEIER, merchant in Weyer
and Bette SAMUEL, living in Kirberg. The parents of his first wife,
Haennche JOSEF (also known as Hanche STERN) were Meier JOSUAS
and Ester MUENZER, both living in Kirberg. This marriage was celebrated
by S.S. IGSTAEDTER (?) Rabbi in Wiesbaden (The Rabbi´s surname is not very

legible). As for Emmanuel, his birth year appears in this record as 1808
and not 1803 as in other documents.

I have posted at "Viewmate" a picture of Hedwig GOLDSCHMIDT (VM 1695)

probably the daughter of Marcus GOLDSCHMIDT and Clara ROSENTHAL (>from
Marcus second marriage, first one was to Jeanette or Johanneta KLEEBLATT)
and another of Marcus or Moritz GOLDSCHMIDT (VM 1696).

Maybe some members of the several GOLDSCHMIDT families coming >from Hesse
are able to recognize either Hedwig or Marcus among their old family
pictures (too much optimistism?).
P.S. I have to make an amendment about the town of Weyer. I have
wrongly stated in my first messages that Weyer was in Rheinland Pfaltz
when I should have stated that this town was in Hesse. Sorry!

I would appreciate that you contact me directly regarding any
information you might have.

Thank you very much.
Carlota Widman Dublon

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