BRANDEIS: Fuerth or Ermreuth; & ROSENBERGER, Ermreuth #germany


I have just discovered that the mother of my gggf Emanuel Loeb (Menachem
Arjeh) KOENIGSHOEFER (b. 1806) was named Bella BRANDEIS.

I have two conflicting sources (each >from around 1940!). One says that she was born in Fuerth,
a member of the BRANDEIS family; the other
that after the death of her huband, Yona ben Menachem, in 1815,
she married a second husband in Fuerth, named BRANDEIS.

It appears >from the Ermreuth records that I have, that Jonas MAENNLEIN (Yona ben Menachem) may
have been over 70 years old at the time
he married Bella [BRANDEIS]. It also appears that the sons of
the first marriage of Jonas MAENNLEIN took the name ROSENBERGER.

I'd appreciate any information that can connect me to the ROSENBERGER or
BRANDEIS families, also to the OBERNDORFER family >from Ermreuth.

Thasnks to all

Michael Bernet,
New York

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