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Alice Fleischmann levitin

I am a Jew who is an American, I hate to be the prevailer of bad thoughts
however it is becoming increasingly clear to me that what happened in Nazi
Germany could easily happen here. The old story of those who forget history
are destined to repeat it is unfortunately true. With the high holidays
approaching there are stories in the news about a school system in Cincinnati
where there are issues about taking off for the holidays. I currently am
fighting a battle with my employer (the Government of the state) to be allowed
to take off the holidays. So the moral is we should not become to complacent
with our situation even in this country. Remember that the German Jews all
thought they were all good Germans and look what happened to them. Perhaps I
am more negative because both of my parents are survivors.
I wish everyone at h-sig a happy and healthy New Year.
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