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Tom Venetianer wrote Mon, 14 Sep 1998 20:19:
I am no expert on this subject but here is a link which will tell you
everything about *reform judaism*. As far as I know "neolog" is the
Hungarian term for this denomination. Visit:

Actually the Hungarian Neolog movement is closer to the American
movement of Conservative Judaism, and the pertinent reference is: . Quoting >from that
"To be more specific, all synagogues associated with the movement in
North and South America are called 'Conservative', all synagogues in
Israel and England are called 'Masorti', and all synagogues in Hungary are
called 'Neolog'. Note that the Neolog movement developed independently of
the rest of Conservative Judaism. Their philosophy was also based on the
work of Rabbi Zecharias Frankel, the founder of the Positive-Historical
school of thought (Mid 1800s, Germany, Breslau). The evolution of their
school of thought basically followed the same path as the Conservative
movement, and in recent years they have formalized this by joining the
World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues."

Happy New Year all,
Randy Weiss
Medford, Massachusetts

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