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Re: the following, I e-mailed Columbia University regarding getting the rest
of the information. I have attached their answer. Guess I'll have to find me
someone at Columbia to find it for me. Have a better chance of going to Heaven
than getting to New York.

"Dr izidor Goldberg analyzed, dissected and organized the JEWISH data
in an article published in a Zemplen periodical called ''Adalekok
Zemplen Megye Tortenetehez'', which is organized in 18 volumes and it
can be found at Columbia U in NYC.

The data in the census includes 3200 names of head of households or
widows, by location. No family members, wives or occupation(except
professionals-- very few). (I'm sorry I don't have the name of the person
that put this out to the list.
One of my names, GARTENFELD, Hazer, was listed and I had wanted the rest of
the information. This is the answer I recieved.
Dear Ley K. O'Connor,

On receipt of your e-mail, I forwarded a copy to Mr. Frank Unlandherm, our
Judaica bibliographer at Columbia's Library. Below is his response. I
don't know that this will help you much, but I believe this is the best we
can do long distance. Good luck!

Malka Gold

We have the periodical Butler, but I doubt very much
there is an index to it. The person would either have to come and go
through it himself or hire a Columbia student to do it.

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