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Marian Brown <mbrown@...>

Dear Slovakian Geography Experts:

I have a record stating that my ggggf was born in Hanus falva in 1809.
He lived later had children in Circ. Any ideas where this town is?
Marian Brown
Cincinnati, Ohio

Searching SLOVAKIA: GLUECK, Kohanovce/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879;
HUEBSCHMAN, Circ/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879; HEIMOWITZ, Huncovce >
Cleveland, OH 1873; HOLSTEIN, Kosice > New York, NY 1887; LISSAUER,
Kosice > Oklahoma/Texas 1883; NEWMAN, Vychodna > Cleveland, OH 1873;
PAUKER (PARKER,) Dravce/Huncovce; TURK > Oklahoma 1879; ZINNER, Spisska
Nova Ves > New York City & Oklahoma 1895

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