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Debbi sent such a list back in February. Here is a copy:

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:30:11 -0600 (CST)
From: (Lawrence Korman)
Subject: They died of what?

I found the list. It appears that tudovesz was not the mystery word,
but the dreaded "horglob", which is an inflammation of heaven knows

Aggkor - old age
Agyvelogyulladas - inflammation of the brain
Aszkor - consumption
Belhurut - intestinal disease
Cholera - cholera
Csecsrak - breast cancer
Gorcsrangas - jerking cramps
Gyomor rak - stomach cancer
Kanyaro - measles
Szivbaj - heart disease
Tudolob - pneumonia
Tudohudes - cold in lung
Tudovesz - tuberculosis
Typhus - typhus
Veleszuletett gyengeseg - inherited weakness
Vengelgyengules - final weakening
Vizkor - edema
Vorheny - scarlet fever
Veteles and elveteles - miscarriage


at 23/09/98 - 01:39 -0300, melody gross wrote:

Does anyone have a list of Hungarian causes of death, to be used with the
1851-1898 death records?

Melody Amsel Gross

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