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Marian Brown <mbrown@...>

Dear All,

Having written to the archives in Bratislava and received bits and
pieces of information for my family in Circ, Slovakia, I find I need
some translation >from Slovakian to English. All the communications were
in English except the last and most important -- the cover letter
explaining what they had found!

Any help?

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, Ohio

Searching SLOVAKIA: GLUECK, Kohanovce/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879;
HUEBSCHMAN, Circ/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879; HEIMOWITZ, Huncovce >
Cleveland, OH 1873; HOLSTEIN, Kosice > New York, NY 1887; LISSAUER,
Kosice > Oklahoma/Texas 1883; NEWMAN, Vychodna > Cleveland, OH 1873;
PAUKER (PARKER,) Dravce/Huncovce; TURK > Oklahoma 1879; ZINNER, Spisska
Nova Ves > New York City & Oklahoma 1895

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