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<<Cecilia came to U.S. in 1882. I have her "Anyakonyvi kivonat" (an original,

with her birth date of 1855). This form has her mothers name: Hangyabor

Schwarz. So I thought H. Schwarz was my GGM. The kivonat is dated 1876; is

that significant?

Although I'm not familiar with Hungarian names of the mid 1800s, I have never
heard of the name "Hangyabor". If it exists, it sounds extremely Hungarian
(translated- it means 'antwine'). There is another name of this nature,
Gyongyver - 'pearlblood', but the Jews who used that name, mostly in the
1900s, used the form Gyongyi - no 'blood' word in it.

The way I see it, there may be a mistake in Cecilia's birth year (she may have
been the youngest sister and perhaps by that time your ggfather may have had a
second wife. Or, the the Cecilia whose "Kivonat" you have may not be your

Susan Geroe

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