To new GerSig Members #germany


Hello all-
Your regular list moderator (John Paul Lowens) has just returned from
vacation including the Toronto IAJGS Conference.

I am delighted that we have 20 new members who joined GerSig since
1 August. Welcome to you all.

This sudden surge in membership is unusual. I'd be interested in
knowing how the new members heard about GerSig.

To those new members who live outside the USA, we would like to know
in what nation you reside.

If you could send a short message to <gersig@...>
telling us how you heard about GerSig I'd appreciate it. If it was at the
Toronto Conference you need only say "conference" in your subject line.

If you live outside the USA please add your nation of residence.

Any time you have questions or comments about GerSig please send
them to me at the same email address: <GerSig@...>

Thank you and, again, welcome to the German Jewish Special Interest
Group (GerSig).

John Paul Lowens New York GerSig Coordinator and MODERATOR 1

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