INTRO - MEYER from Wiesbaden #germany

Tony Goring <tony.goring@...>

They had four known children: Ernest (1871961942, my wife's
grandfather), Adela, Ludwig, and Richard (187596?). Ernest and Richard
duly came to the UK, becoming naturalized British citizens in 1896 and
1899 respectively. Ernest stated on his naturalization application that
he was born in St Petersburg where his father was on business as a
merchant, but Richard gave his birthplace as the Wiesbaden address.

It would appear that the family was of some substance as UK
naturalization at the time was a process only available to the
comparatively wealthy.In 1997 I wrote (in German) to the Rathaus
at Wiesbaden seeking a birth certificate for Richard which I hoped
would lead to information about his parents and links further back.
I received a brief acknowledgement but nothing further, despite one
or two reminders, and temporarily gave up.

With more time available I would now like to resume the search.
It occurs to me that there may well be a Jewish resource in
Germany (perhaps for the State of Hesse Nassau) which would
prove more rewarding than the civil authorities at Wiesbaden.

If this is so could someone kindly point me in the right direction?

Tony Goring tony.goring@... London UK

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