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Dolph Klein <kledolph@...>

Tom Venetianer wrote:

I just received a letter >from the Auschwitz Museum, containing quite
detailed data about the fate of 7 of my close relatives. It took them about 3 months to reply to my original request. For those who are interested in obtaining similar information, here is the procedure:

1. Don't send email. They will NOT reply. Write instead. Their address is:

Panstowe Muzeum Oswiecim Brzezinka
Mr. Jerzy Wroblewski - Director
32-603 Oswiecim 5
Polska - Poland
Phone: (0-33) 432-022
Fax: (0-33) 431-934
There is no cost for this service; you just have to be patient.
For further searches they refer you to the following organization. You
can try this too:

Internationaler Sucherdienst
(International Search Service)
Grosse Allee 5-9
D-34444 Arolsen
Deutschland - Germany
Anyone interested in requesting death records >from the Oswiecim Museum can
expedite the process by referring to the 3-volume publication in English,
"Death Books >from Auschwitz". Volume 1 contains reports and illustrations.
The second and third volumes contain the Index of Names, A-L and M-Z,
respectively. The third volume also includes an additional list compiled of
eight original records for victims who were registered but are not
documented in the death books. Some 400,000 inmates in Auschwitz were
registered of whom about half died there. The death books contain about
69,000 entries.

Victims who went directly >from the transports to the gas chambers were not

The Death Books can be obtained via interlibrary loans. Ask for the English
edition ISBN: 3-598-11264-5 (There are German and Polish language sets, as
Publisher: K.G. Saur Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, 1995

The books list the name of the deceased, birth date, birth place, death
date, and the number of the death record. All that is needed to obtain the
records is to list the information with a brief note explaining how the
victim may be related to you. In some cases, I was not certain of the
relationship, but indicated that the person in question came >from or near
the village (or town) of known ancestors. Unlike Tom's experience, all
correspondence >from the Museum to me was written in English. I received
records within seven weeks of inquiry.

If you cannot get access to the Death Books, then follow Tom's procedure.
Keep in mind that the death records usually contain the occupation and last
known address of the victim before deportation to Auschwitz, names of the
father, mother, their town of last residence, and the maiden name of the
spouse where applicable. The rest of the document gives the name of the
physician in charge, the name of the camp director and the falsified cause
of death.

On the other hand, Tom indicated that he received information about
transfers to other camps, etc. I am encouraged, therefore, to write to the
Museum again to ask about my relatives whose names were not listed in the
Death Books.

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC

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