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I think this message never made it to the digest, so here it is again

Jewish surnames have been of interest to me for a number of years and so I
would like to add to this conversation. I know of at least three books on
Central European Jewish names if you include Germany and Hungary in this

Die Familiennamen der Juden in Deutschland - Gerhard Kessler (1935)

Deutsche Judennamen - Ph. Stauff (1912) [antisemitic]

A Nyugatmagyarorszagi Zsido Czaladnevek - Dr. Schwarz Elemer (1926)

There exist a considerable number of excellent articles on this subject
and several of these were by Dr. Heinrich Flesch who was the Rabbi in Neu
Rausnitz (Rousinov) now in the Czech Republic. Dr. Flesch was one of the
leading authorities on Jewish names in German speaking areas including
those of the Austro/Hungarian empire. He also published the history of
his own family entitled: Die Familie Flesch.

Practically all of this literature is in German and was published in
Judische Familienforschung, Jahrbuch der Judisch-Literarischen
Gesellschaft, Hickl’s Judischer Volkskalender and other journals. There
are of course many other articles on the subject by G. Wolf, L. Moses,
Erwin Manuel Dreifuss in these and other publications.

Henry Wellisch

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