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Everything that Tom quoted about the Hungarian-Jewish Archives is true, I
think, at least in the abstract. I agree to call first. >from what I
understand, everything they have is in boxes, so far uncategorized.
Yes, they are completely unsorted. A friend of mine did a reasearch of statutes of Jewish organizations, and she worked >from those boxes. I assume >from the content of those boxes, that many of them came >from people who died and their documents were donated to the archive.

would be interesting to know if it is at least categorized by counties.
No, they are completely messed up. In one box there might be photos, old writing, legal documents, lists of survivors and martyrs, RIF soaps, etc.

I understand that even scholars are not permitted to root through the boxes.
It is possible to do research, although I understand that the archive publishes a series of booklets, so they would keep 'interesting' pieces for themselves. If anybody needs more precise information, please write me!

from my talk with Dr. Gyorgy Haraszti last summer, the former head of
these archives, there is nothing of genealogical interest in them, at least for the Burgenland Jewry.
Of course, it depends what we considerd to be of interets! I would be rather surprised if Dr. Haraszti checked all of the several hundreds of large boxes.

Maureen Tighe-Brown

mod- Is it fear, greed or apathy that keeps these important and valuable
documents interred within the bureacratic stranglehold of the self appointed oligarchs who call themselves caretakers of Hungarian Jewry?

I tend to agree with the above statement, although the organized Jewish community of Hungary (MAZSIHISZ) did have certain success lately. E.g. signed an agreement with the Hungarian Govt. to receive a yearly sum of c. 650 Million HUF as a compensation of the Jewish assets lost during the Holocaust.


mod (LS)- Gyuri Ujlaki is the executive director of Memoria - Hungarian Jewsih Genealogical and Historical Society in Budapest.

Gyuri, what amount of this annual 650 Million HUF (which I beleive is equivalent to approximately US $3,000,000)do you think will go towards protecting/preserving Jewish cemeteries & synagogoues? How much of this amount will go to Jewish archivists and scholars in Hungary to catalogue and preserve the precious and fragile documents of our history? Perhaps, I am too cynical, and all the funds will go to the indigent and hungry? I just find it difficult to accept that there is no money available to do something productive with the records that are now wasting away in the Jewish archives. How can we ask the archivists in the Ukraine and Romania to be more liberal in allowing for records' access when our own community still acts as if though it were a surrogate for a previously discredited and authoritarian regime? P.S. Gyuri, I understand if you choose not to reply.

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