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Deborah Z. wrote:

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Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 15:58:48 EDT

awhile back I remember the town of Hanus falva being mentioned, I have
the name "Hanus" on the Slovak side of my family and am interested in
any and all information,
Debora -

I posted the original inquiry because the town Hanus falva turned up as
the birthplace in 1809 of my ggggf, Moses Huebschman. I received
various suggestions as to the current name, but the one I think is
correct is now Spisske Hanusovce -- largely because it is so close to
Circ, Slovakia, where Moses and his children and grandchildren lived.
The latter emigrated to Cleveland about 1883. Helpful?
Marian Brown
Cincinnati, Ohio

Searching SLOVAKIA: GLUECK, Kohanovce/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879;
HUEBSCHMAN, Circ/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879; HEIMOWITZ, Huncovce >
Cleveland, OH 1873; HOLSTEIN, Kosice > New York, NY 1887; LISSAUER,
Kosice > Oklahoma/Texas 1883; NEWMAN, Vychodna > Cleveland, OH 1873;
PAUKER (PARKER,) Dravce/Huncovce; TURK > Oklahoma 1879; ZINNER, Spisska
Nova Ves > New York City & Oklahoma 1895

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