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Did you actually get a passenger list >from Rotterdam? If so, what is the
address for the source of these lists? What information did you give them?
What information appears on the list?

Roberta Solit

I just spoke to a clerk at the Rotterdam Archives recently and he told me
that Hungarians or anyone for that matter needed either traveling papers or
a passport to go through Rotterdam on their way to New York. I got a
pasenger list >from the Netherlands that factually coincides with the one for
my great aunt Helen that I got >from NARA. These make up 2 different types of
passenger lists.

So I ask the question again, where do applications for passports or travel
papers reside and did copies of the travel papers or passports get made and
where do they reside for those people leaving Hungary in 1904 and 1907 in
general and Munkacs in particular?

I now have good reason to ask this question since the clerk told me that the
Dutch required papers or a passport.

Thank you.

Dennis Baer

Roberta Solit


RAPAPORT, ESTREICHER, GOLDENBERG - Subcarpathian Ruthenia (Velikeye
Komyati, Korolevo, Beregovo, Vinogradov)
AUSTRIA, AUSTIN - London, Eng.
MALKUS, GREENFIELD, AUSLANDER- Bessarabia (Tirsapol, Kishinev)
SCHEIN, SEANU, GREENFELD- Bucharest, Romania
ZOLITNITZKY, SCHNEIDER- Izabeline (Grodno), Belarus
RAIZEN, MAZIE, KATCHENOFSKY- Kletsk, Nesvizh, (Minsk), Belarus

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