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Marian Brown <mbrown@...>

I found them on the Hamburg ship index. When I found the ship manifest entering New York Harbor, I got excited. But again, it only said they were >from Hungary.
Did you use the LDS films for the Hamburg ship index for the above?

Then I had the thought. Perhaps the ship manifest on boarding in Hamburg was a little more detailed than the one entering New York Harbor. It was true. The ship manifests leaving Hamburg, at least those in the 1880's, had a column for last residence besides the country of origin.
But where did you find the ship manifests leaving Hamburg?

Perhaps others have had the same difficulty.

I have had many similar experiences. And, I have only found one great
uncle on the Hamburg index list. As you can see below I am searching
all roots >from Slovakia.

Thanks for answering the above questions and for the tip.

Wayne Roth, Brooklyn, New York

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Marian Brown
Cincinnati, Ohio

Searching SLOVAKIA: GLUECK, Kohanovce/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879;
HUEBSCHMAN, Circ/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879; HEIMOWITZ, Huncovce >
Cleveland, OH 1873; HOLSTEIN, Kosice > New York, NY 1887; LISSAUER,
Kosice > Oklahoma/Texas 1883; NEWMAN, Vychodna > Cleveland, OH 1873;
PAUKER (PARKER,) Dravce/Huncovce; TURK > Oklahoma 1879; ZINNER, Spisska
Nova Ves > New York City & Oklahoma 1895

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