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I got my documents >from my cousin Adam Vincze in Israel and they are
amazing. He sent them with translations >from the Hungarian into
english. The documents relate to Adam's grandparents Izidore and
Karolina Krausz, who remained in Budapest until 1946. I received:

Ungvar marriage certificate of Izidore and Karolina Lefkovics -
providing a marriage date and confirmation that the marriage occurred n
Ungvar, as I had suspected.

A document entitled Bejelentest Igazolo szelveny which is a certificate
of Izidore's residence in Budapest (issued in 1936) and gave the
residence address - complete with apartment number

A document entitled Illetosegi bizonyitvany issued in 1938 which states
that Izidore (who was a goldsmith) was a burgher of Budapest under
statute XXII of 1886

A document entitled Helyhatosagi bizonyitvany, issued in 1939 which
states that the goldsmith business had some sort of tax waiver and the
document gave the address of the business

A document >from the Jewish Community in Obuda dated 1938 stating that
the marriage of Heinrick Krausz and Katalin Bak (Izidore's parents) is
not documented because it purportedly occurred in 1850, and Obuda did
not start to keep marriage records until 1851. I did not know the
marriage date of Heinrick and Katalin, who are my 2nd great

The private letters >from my grandfather to his sister Karolina were
sort of disappointing. They contained a little family news that I
already knew about, and had a lot of "thank G-d you are all right"s in
them. No surprise since Karolina made it through the Shoah in one piece
and the letters were written in 1946 and 1947.


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