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Prof. Harry J. Hirschhorn <hirshorn@...>

Prof. Harry Hirschhorn writes >from POB 114 Alfe menashe 44851, Israel
WoWW = Where once We Walked has an entry
Satoraljaujhely [Ujhely] Jewish pop beffore the Shoa 4690
75 nkm NE of Miskolc N 48*24' longitude E 21*40'
listed in AMG, COH, EJ, GUM3, GUM4,GUM5, HSL, HSL2, JGFF, LDL, LDS, PHH,
Persons asking questions must do a minimum of research on their own, and WWW
is the first place to look.

Hirschhorn is searching for GANS in all towns.

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melody gross schrieb:

What are the other names for Ujhel? It seems to appear as Satora....., I
know, but are there other variations through the years? And where, what

Melody Amsel Gross
Satoraljaujhely is the complett name of the town.

G. Hirsch

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