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Ujlaki Gyorgy <ujlaki.gyorgy@...>

A friend of mine helped me to scan in images >from old postcards, depicting
Hungarian cities and villages >from before the war. I am collecting postcards that
depict main streets and squares, with shops, most probably owned by Jews.

The images are in JPEG format, so you can view them with your browser (IE or
NN), or using a photo editor.

I have the following:

Moson (now Mosonmagyarovar) main street in 1943.
Szilasbalhas (now Mezoszilas in Fejer county) main street n.d.
Nagykoros main square: c.1930-1940.
Beregszasz, Verboczy square c.1930-1940.
Maramarossziget, court house with a street with shops, in 1913.
Maramarossziget, Horthy square with shops, in c 1940.
Kolozsvar, Deak Ferenc street in 1943.
Szilagysomlyo street in 1909.
View of Szilagysomlyo n.d.
Kecskemet Rakoczi street in 1926.
Nyiregyhaza main square, Szechenyi street and Korona Hotel in 1943.
Tapolca main square in 1941.
Debrecen main street in 1935.

If you would like to receive any of them, write me.

Ujlaki Gyorgy
Budapest, Hungary

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