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Dear Debbi: You recently wrote to someone:

"Farkas is an Hungarian equivalent of Wilhelm/Wilmos/Zev." I'm curious
to know what your source is for this statement. My
great-great-grandmother's father is named as Vilmos on her death
certificate. In the 1848 census, the person who I assume must have
been her father is named Wolf, so it fits what you say. However,
Wilhelm/Vilmos does not mean the same thing as Wolf. Farkas would have
been the direct translation. The possible explanation is that my
ggggrandfather didn't like to be named after a carnivorous animal, and
chose a Hungarian name that had the same first sound as his
Yiddish/German name. Any thoughts on this?

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mod.-The translation of the Hungarian word Farkas into English is Wolf which translates into Hebrew as Zev and into Yiddish and German as Wulf.
Hence, one many times finds the name Zev Wolf as a first name among Jews. Even though Farkas is usually found as a common family name among Hungarian Jews, I have encountered the use of Farkas as a given name as well.

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