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Ujlaki Gyorgy <ujlaki.gyorgy@...>

Recently a book came out about the Kisvarda Jewish community. It was written by
a local librarian, Istvan Nezo. It is entitled: A kisvardai zsidosag tortenet. (History
of the Kisvarda Jewry) Nyiregyhaza 1998. Only a small number of the book was
printed. It is already out of print.

The book is in Hungarian. It contains the following chapters:

I. Immigration of Jews to the Carpathian basin
II. History of the Kisvarda Jews.
III. Religious life in Kisvarda.
IV. Religious buildings, institutions and places.
V. Kisvarda Jews in historical events, their social role, assimilation, integration,
and anti-semitism.
VI. Jewish organizations in Kisvarda.
VII. Education.
VIII. Role of Kisvarda Jewry in the economy.
IX. Kisvarda Jewry between 1938 and 1944.
X. Kisvarda Jewry after 1945.

It has many illustrations. It is a nice book.

I dont' have any interest in the book, this is merely a review for your ineterest!

Best regards,

Ujlaki Gyorgy
Budapest, Hungary

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