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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

I am not sure if I understood the question correctly, but here is a
tentative answer: if one attaches something to an email, the email agent
(the program you use to send and receive emails) does an encoding for
transmittal. That encoding is called MIME compliant protocol. When one
receives such attachment the opposite occurs, namely the email agent will
decode MIME. In other words, you have nothing to do, your email program
will do it for you. If you get garbled information, the major cause is that
the transmitting program was *not* MIME compliant.

As for the moderator's comment (I assume it's Louis), please clarify your
statement. What could be maybe is that the JewishGen server will *block*
attachments, but I have never heard that "attachments do not work for
newsgroups". Why would the server do that? Because it's a pain in the butt
to receive unsolicited attachments, which waste bandwidth. Even so, some
newbies do that, i.e. attach all kind of stuff which is of no interest to
the group. Therefor, it is quite likely that the JGen server blocks such

My 3 centavos today :)

Mod.- what you write appears brilliant, but unfortunately it appears dim in my eyes (through no fault of yours). Please contact Carol Skydell for further illumination on this topic. If you need her e-mail address contact me privately (yes it's Louis).

at 29/10/98 - 05:01 -0200, Prof. Harry J. Hirschhorn wrote:

How can I decode "mime format " on my MS Internet Explorer 4? Manynare in
the same boat and would greatly appreciate step by step procedures. regards
fromChayim. searching for all GANS.

MOD.- I have just been informed by Jewishgen that attachments do not work
for newsgroups. Therefore, there is nothing to decode. LS

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