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Susanna Vendel <susanna.vendel@...>

To all H-sigs researching Oradea/Nagyvarad

As I experienced on our E-mail list there are some researchers interested
in Oradea (Romania) and I put my hope to you to help me find information
about a person who it is said belongs to My father's family (WEISZ/WEISS).
To this moment I never succeeded to find any links to him.

Albert Varadi was an artist, a portraitist, very talented. I have some of
his etchings, saved by my grandfather. He lived in Oradea around 1920 and
his portraits/etchings were hanged in Feher Dezso's editorial room for the
newspaper "Nagyvradi Naplo". This artist died in Paris after 1932 (?). I
tried to find information about him through the cemeteries in Paris but
without the precise date of death and name of the cemetery it was
impossible to find him.

I have no connections in Oradea who could help me to make some look ups at
the Museum of Art or other places. So any suggestions >from you about how to
find information in Oradea about him would be very much appreciated.

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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