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Subject: German names of Slovakia
From: melody gross <>
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 10:16:16 +0200
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And--what are Uniats, a religion?
Uniats (Uniates) aka Greek Catholics aka Eastern Rite Catholics are
Catholics who follow (Christian) Orthodox ritual and practices, but
acknowledge the authority of the Pope. In pre WWI Hungary, most Ruthenes
(Ukrainians) were Uniates, as were some Slovaks (mostly in Saros & Zemplen
counties), some Romanians (mostly in Northern Transylvania), and some
Magyars. Historically, the Uniate movement (which also has adherents in
Eastern Galicia) date >from the Catholic Counter-Reformation of the 16th &
17th centuries.

The pre WWI counties with especially large Jewish populations (Bereg, Ung &
Maramaros) also had large Uniate populations, mostly Ruthene.
Michael G. Hillinger

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