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Dear All,

HELP! I have been pouring over LDS films >from Slovakia and have found
many people who are my ancestors. Because of dates, names of children,
number of children, etc., I think I have discovered people whose names
have several variations. Following are my questions:

1. Is their a logical or linquistic reason that a given name can be
Jetti, Yetti, Jute (u with oomlat), and Etta -- all the same person?

2. Could Sigmond (or Zsigmond) also be Gische or Sische?

3. What is the connection between Feige, Fani, Taube and Tobe?

4. Is it possible that the surname Abrahamovitz could transform itself
into Szendrovits? Another time it is written Izenowitz!

5. Could Scheindel and Sandl be the same?

Thanks for the help!
Marian Brown
Cincinnati, Ohio

Searching SLOVAKIA: GLUECK, Kohanovce/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879;
HUEBSCHMAN, Circ/Presov > Cleveland, OH 1879; HEIMOWITZ, Huncovce >
Cleveland, OH 1873; HOLSTEIN, Kosice > New York, NY 1887; LISSAUER,
Kosice > Oklahoma/Texas 1883; NEWMAN, Vychodna > Cleveland, OH 1873;
PAUKER (PARKER,) Dravce/Huncovce; TURK > Oklahoma 1879; ZINNER, Spisska
Nova Ves > New York City & Oklahoma 1895

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