Geseke #germany

Zeev Raphael <zeevr@...>

Dear Kenneth,
I do not remember the details of your message of some time ago. But I
remember that it was connected with Geseke.

Meanwhile I have received a lot of material >from the Geseke Stadtarchiv.
Including an interesting chapter on the Geseke Synagoge (including a
beautiful drawing of the ancient building, drawn >from 'memory') & Jewish
school. The chapter contains lists of names, of 1854 and of 1935.

In the 1854 list appears: KRONENBERG, Bernhard.

In the 1935 list there appear:

Kronenberg, Ferdinand (56), V=F6lmeder Str. 7, Kaufmann
Kronenberg, Werner (26), Hellweg 18, Kaufmann

A Jewish teacher Salomon Kronenberg is mentioned (1867).

Best wishes, Zeev Raphael, Haifa <zeevr@...>

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